Canada's Greenest Cities of Tomorrow

Is yours on the list?

Our cities are leading the way to a cleaner urban future. Find out which ones will get there first. You’re in for a few surprises.

The cleanest air and water, bountiful green spaces, solar-powered and geothermal-heated buildings…all are tantalizingly within reach in several Canadian municipalities. So, where should you point your biodiesel-fueled moving van? To find out, we asked some of the country’s foremost green experts for their predictions on which cities will be Canada’s environmental leaders in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. We also analyzed the innovative and award-winning plans and policies that promise to transform our cities in the years to come. Read more>>.

Find out who was Back of the Pack plus 5 Bonus Cities. Don't agree with our choices? Leave us a comment and let us know the places you think are Canada's greenest. 

Vancouver: The Urban Density Experts

Yellowknife: Canada's GeoThermal Energy HotSpot

Calgary : The Green Electricity Capital  

Okotoks: The Solar Centre of Canada  

Edmonton: The Water Smart City

Greater Sudbury: The Model for Post-Industrial Recovery     

Toronto: The Boldest Retrofitter   

 Montreal: The Most Bike-Friendly City in the Nation    

Halifax: Climate Change Combatter

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