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A blog about how Canadians can achieve energy independence by powering down and then powering up the right way.

Question of the day: what would you do if your electricity bill doubled overnight?

Question – what would you do if your electricity bill doubled overnight?  Just wondering. 

Pass the green rivets Rosie, it’s time to make things again

In the Labour Day Monday edition of the Globe and Mail, reporter Ko

Yes you should insulate your house. Oh, and energy markets don’t work

“I’ll never get my money back; it’s too expensive”.  

What non-profits know about energy efficiency (and what you should too)

One of the misconceptions that has had a lot of legs but which has started to shatter of late is the idea that the green economy – energy efficiency, renewable energy, organic agriculture, the loca

Green homes, fighting the climate crisis and social justice: Part I


p>I thought I would post this link to a speech by Van Jones.  You just gotta check it out.

There's No Such Thing as Garbage

It’s a really sunny Friday here in Toronto and so I thought I would end off the week by riffing a bit about solar energy with one of my all-time favourite pictures.  

Old buildings, new ideas

In her signature work, the Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs proposed that new ideas need old buildings.

The house of the future of the past

I was called recently by a film journalist looking for a shoot location for a segment he was doing on “green homes”.  We quickly got into a discussion about the definition of “green”.

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