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I’ve been told I should express gratitude for something every day.  Today perhaps I will be grateful for BP.  

I am grateful for British Petroleum because it has helped to thoroughly discredit a bankrupt way of life, a way of life dependent on the last vestiges of ancient sunlight, dinosaur bones and skin and layers of ancient ferns and vegetation laid down miles deep and hundreds of millions of years ago, compressed by geological time, remnants of ancient photosynthetic processes occurring in the mists of history and now washing up in latex paint-like gobs in the bayous and deltas of the Gulf of Mexico.  

This way of life is bankrupt and has no future and everyone now knows it.  

What comes next, what replaces it is the undiscovered country.  

As we head out into our jobs and organizations and communities we are presented with the opportunity to be leaders, pioneers, replacing the old with something better and perhaps with a prosperity shared by all.  

May 2010 

Gabriel Draven