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As Gabriel and I ponder how to take our vacations in August or September (scheduling to leave one of us around to deal with the growing demands for our services so that the other can get out of town for a bit), I can’t help but think back to my last vacation.

About a year ago, while I was supposed to be away from ‘work’, I couldn’t resist attending a workshop on “green building techniques”.  Afterwards, I was approached by someone who told me they were an actor and TV producer, and that he wanted me to be a part of a new show he was working on.  I wasn’t quite sure what might come of it, so I gave him my contact info and came back home.

Turned out that he was who he said he was (Eion Bailey) and his story checked out. In November 2008, I was privileged to be brought into a small town in Baja Mexico with about 15 beautifully creative people from across Europe and the US.  What happened over those 10 days was so inspiring and uplifting I will never forget it.

The premise is this:

 ImagineThis will serve to highlight some not so well known problems around the world and challenge the community, crew and cast to come up with solutions that can bring some solutions and joy to the situation.  As an example, some of the ideas we discussed in Mexico were: 

  • shipping container housing for the people living inches from railway tracks in Jakarta
  • floating ‘living machine’ water purification systems for boat dwellers in Thailand
  • developing an equine centre for the Lakota at Pine Ridge.  
  • The pilot, already filmed was a project in Peru converting a bus to run on biodiesel and construction of a playground for a mountain community where kids had a 7 hour journey to and from school each day.

Entertainment Weekly recently called the show “the best show not yet on TV”, and with the growing momentum, the show may soon find a network willing to bring it to the air.

The world needs inspirational stories, and this show has great potential to bring problems to the attention of a wide audience, while also showing how individual viewers can become participants and “part of the solution”. 

 I invite you to check out the show’s web site and join as members and contribute ideas and support.  I am continuing my involvement with the show and look forward to it becoming a hit!


Greg Bonser

September 2009