The Ontario Table

For Lynn, food, wine and travel are a delicious way to communicate that personal ‘sense of place’ that exists in each destination.

$10 Challenge: A Year of Eating Local - July Issue

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Created as a complement to the Canadian bestselling cookbook, the $10 Challenge: A Year of Eating Local ezine will walk foodies through a year of eating local.

The Ontario Table book talks of what local food is grown where, and by whom. It speaks to why buying local food is so economically important, and offers easy recipes that highlight the flavours of local food complete with wine pairings and over 100 additional local food resources. The Ontario Table book offers a new definition for local food that creates a sustainable agricultural economy and introduces The Ontario Pantry.

The ezine will let you know when local food is available with timely harvest information and includes current local food events. The book and the ezine go hand in hand.

In this issue we celebrate amazing Ontario berries and the best meats to cook outdoors. It’s also a special issue that marks the beginning of The Ontario Table-Cloth dinners, or as we call it, Terroir Dining. Check it out!

Use The Ontario Table $10 Challenge ezine to eat along with the season.