Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

Introductory Grocery Shopping for the Fledgling Vegan

To the lifelong omnivore, the first vegan grocery shop is a bit of a perplexing outing.

Mother/Daughter Veganism

Going vegan is a tricky business. As I’ve indicated earlier, I was a relatively easy candidate to go vegan, but I still met some challenges and required a bit of guidance here and there.

Vegan Fatigue

Like you, like seemingly everyone, the capital-H holidays left me a little worse for wear. Though I would love to be one of the merry proponents yuletide cheer, it simply isn't in me.

Veggie Holiday Gift Guide

Santa is forecasted to haul his substantial rump into his sleigh in only a few short weeks.

From Clueless to Kind - Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Cookbook

Alicia Silverstone has come a long way, baby.

Superbug-Chasing Carrot n' Ginger Soup

Winter’s fist is clenched and ready to thud down upon us.

Holiday Pumpkin n' Pecan Vegan Pie

I adore Thanksgiving.

The Month of Vegan Blogging

Greetings fellows vegans and the veg-curious!

Into the Raw at Gorilla Foods

The past few years have seen many vegans kick it up a notch with their diets with what is known as a raw food diet.

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