Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

It's barely noon and I've just devoured a luscious piece of vegan heaven on a plate - and it's not Brendan Brazier. 

Titled "Smlove Pie," this gorgeous recipe is courtesy of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero's Veganomicon (arguably the most cleverly titled cookbook in recent memory). This recipe isn't a quick and dirty offering; there are several steps to creating this masterpiece and will take approximately an hour to complete, but is entirely worth the trouble. 

Graham cracker crust. Creamy, chocolate liqueur filling.* Topped with candied pecans and a caramelized, peanut butter topping. Pure (ecumenical) heaven. And gluten-free to boot.

As you can see in the recipe, in lieu of butter and cream, vegetable oils and whipped, silken tofu are substituted. I have been experimenting with silken tofu for a lot of baked toppings and Italian foods calling for creamy, cheese-inspired fillings. The texture and taste is certainly a comparable, more healthful alternative, despite my initial misgivings.

Next on Gone Vegan: Lindsay, hopefully recovered from her sugar-induced DTs, shares some findings on how veganism can help treat asthma, diabetes and heart disease. 

*Note: I added approximately a half cup of sugar to the filling to sweeten up the bite  of the liqueur/dark chocolate flavour.  

Photo courtesy of Isa Moskowitz's LiveJournal page.