Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

Your business is always as successful as your relationship with your client base. Since the end of feudalism, every good merchant has known the value of marketing his or her own character to prospective clients will seal more deals than they’re willing to admit. The most shrewd huckster would even make a considered choice when choosing the right church, the right social clubs or even a mate that would ensure the right elbows were being rubbed. Appearances appearances!

The past couple of years have seen marketing everything from clothing and cosmetics to cruises and dog food to vegetarians go viral. It stands to reason that soon enough, real estate agents would follow. A San Franscisco Bay-area realtor has done just that, positioning his kinder, gentler diet as a make-good on his business ethics. Be sure to for well-timed paparazzi photos of Donald Trump making a pit stop at a falafel stand in the coming weeks. 

I can’t decide if his missive to tug at the alienation of vegetarian home buyers and sellers is savvy or veritably creepy. 

As a plus, at least the snacks at the open houses would be cleared for consumption.