Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

I heard about the 21 Day Vegan Kick Start last month, but in the fervour of the holiday season, it slipped my mind entirely. 

Brought forth by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, this is an online program offering an excellent kick start to veganism. Mostly focusing on veganism's health benefits, the program's website offers a heft of excellent (and easy!) recipes, snack ideas, cooking demos, nutrition info, even celebrity tips. They'll send you menus, recipes, shoppings lists. Hell, there's even an app for your iPhone to help you along.

A few of my colleagues in the vegan blogosphere have turned their nose up at this program, as its political bent is nonexistent, or vanilla at best. And yes, there is an overarching focus here on weight loss. What we have here is a clear, concise meal plan aimed at recasting the American diet. The recipes are good; not much in the way of the gourmet, but solid, nourishing meals offering healthful dishes to those who aren't necessarily gourmands and who have likely had little to no exposure to veg-focused meals or culture.