Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

The sun never sets on the McEmpire. McDonald’s has been ramping up their expansion efforts in India this past year, finding a vast new market in the country’s burgeoning middle class. However, you won’t find a Quarter Pounder with Cheese on their menu, but rather a 100% vegetarian McAloo Tikki burger or Chicken Maharaja Mac. There’s even a McCurry Pan!

The Wall Street Journal reported that the corporation has seen enormous growth this year, opening 35 new locations, with several more on the horizon. Tens of thousands of customers flock to the franchises daily, often creating mobs during the first weeks of opening. At present, there is 169 McDonald’s “Family Restaurants” nation-wide.

According to McDonald’s India, their commitment to vegetarianism doesn’t stop at their sandwiches – even their soft serve ice cream and mayonnaise is prepared without egg.

I’ll spare everyone my obligatory screed on the evils of globalized capital, but I’m interested to know what everyone else thinks about this.