Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

Late last week I emerged from the stale environs of a WestJet airplane to land squarely within the city limits of beautiful Vancouver. Several years ago, when I was young, stupid and “punk,” (or making reaching attempts therein) I lived here for about a year. It seems many southern Ontario bratlings head out west at a similar age; but as they say, we always come back. 

When I lived here, I wasn’t vegetarian (or vegan for that matter). In fact, a good deal of my introduction to the veggie lifestyle happened here, in cooperative kitchens, in the homes of fellow leftoids and in the veg-friendly restaurants this city has in abundance. 

Outside of the food, this slice of the west coast certainly rolls in at a quicker pace in terms of living green. The politics of many of its inhabitants are a tad more progressive; recycling programs and composting are routine; cyclists glide through the city with far more ease than anywhere I’ve witnessed; everyone seems to pack a reusable mug or shopping bag and a disconcerting portion of the public walk around in hiking garb. 

For the next four weeks, Gone Vegan will focus on veggie living on the left coast. Expect restaurant reviews, pieces on vegan community kitchens, the best in vegan fashion and more. 

Stay tuned!