Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

A couple of days ago, a Facebook “friend” jokingly sent me an “invite” to join a group titled “I Hate Vegans.” This particular fellow has always thought himself to be a real scream. All Facebookers know the sort of group to which I’m referring. Pages exist for everything from “Not Being Tased Repeatedly” to “Insane Crazy Redhead Posse.” (Both of which, as you might imagine, I am proud members).

My interest piqued, I did a mini-search in the interface, and lo and behold, there were at least a dozen similar groupings. Expand that search to YouTube and Google, and there are haters galore. I watched a few videos of not particularly well-spoken  (yet roundly entertaining) individuals perform ill-informed diatribes against veganism. I found a few pages by self-disclosed (yet anonymous, of course) “health professionals” writing even more distressing screeds on the dangers of veganism. News flash, kids: a lot of people really hate us. 

Andy Warhol never lived to know how right he really was. We may not all get our fifteen minutes, but anyone with a webcam can boast at least a few dozen hits of whatever they choose to render to e-posterity. For better and for worse. (Incidentally, you’ll see that I’m not linking to any of the above-mentioned e-jewels; I don’t care to lend force to the content with a link. Anyone interested in going trolling for the stuff is welcome to do so).

Early in this blog I wrote about some of my nearest and dearest’s odd responses to my choice to give veganism a go. The feedback can be akin to what one might expect upon joining an esoteric religious sect that worships the dung beetle. I get it, though. I get that many of my fellow herbivores aren’t the most sanguine in their appraisal of those that choose to eat meat and dairy. I get that many animal rights organizations can and do lose seemingly all proximity to anything resembling positive public discourse.  I get it. Really.

Suffice to say that we have yet to shake our quasi-freakish rep in the foodie realm, or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe online dating sites for vegans aren’t helping in this regard. Nonetheless, I’m going to stick it out. You, me and Pamela Anderson.