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How to Green Your Holiday Dinner

The holidays are a time when waste increases dramatically and we should all try to think about ways that we can cut back to make our holiday a little bit greener.

The Spice Trader

It is around this time of the year (when the temperatures start to plummet and you realize that winter has really just begun) that I crave hearty, warming and spice-filled foods.

New Years Foodie Resolutions

Well, we are nearing the end of our first week of 2009 and, as such, I would bet that most of us are already trying to live up to our New Years resolutions.

The Caldrea Collection

The holidays can be a hectic time for all of us and, as such, some things tend to go by the wayside. Cleaning for example. I mean, amidst all of those holiday parties, Christmas shopping, gift-wrapping and, of course, holiday baking, who has the time to keep your home and kitchen clean?

The Simply Bar

We are in the midst of holiday party season and if you are like most people, the tendency to over-indulge on those, seemingly light and healthy, but often actually highly caloric canapes and hors d'oeuvres, is difficult to resist. Enter The Simply Bar.


Here is the next recipe in my holiday cookie exchange series! These really are the most amazing cookie...for an extra special treat, make using all organic ingredients!

Delicious Days

Ok, I thought it was about time to introduce you to my inspiration behind food blogs - and recipes, food writing, photography, trends, etc. etc...

Espresso Spiked Shortbread

Here is the next recipe in my holiday cookie exchange and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are really going to love them!

Holiday Cookie Exchange!

It is definitely that time of year when people start thinking about all the little things that make their particular holiday season special. In our family, we have an annual tradition of kicking off the holidays, with an all-day-holiday-cookie-baking-spree.

DeLish Holiday Season Kick Off!

The holiday season is officially upon us. My first indication was earlier this week when I walked into my local Starbucks and the baristas (adorned in their red holiday shirts) were joyfully passing out festive cups, filled to the brim with holiday themed lattes like Spicy Gingerbread and Eggnog Latte, and Peppermint Mocha. My second indication came early this morning when I walked outside to meet a good 10 cm of snow - Our very first winter wonderland of the season!
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