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Lindsay Evans blogs about food, entertaining and her favourite recipes for Green Living.

Hot Foods for a Cool Summer

These fruits and vegetables will help you chill out when the heat is on.

Grow your own Organic Vegetable Garden

Although not everyone has access to a green area in their front or backyard, those who do have the option of planting a vegetable garden to grow your own veggies.

Exotic and Wild Mushrooms

Now I have to admit that although I adore mushrooms, I am often intimidated by some of the more wild and exotic varieties.

Fathers Day Grilling

Fathers day is this coming weekend and it seems like most people turn to the grill to make Dad's day special.

A Gourmet and Healthy Pizza?

It must be said that pizza is one of my all time favourite foods.

Smitten Kitchen

I really love food. Not, just eating it but cooking it, working with it, researching it, photographing it and writing about it.

Mom's Healthy Secrets

Mom knows best right? Although maybe not always right, it certainly appears to be so in this case.

Vancouver Slow Food

I have come across a great resource for those of you green foodies on the West coast - Slow Food Vancouver is a website and blog that is part of

Nutty Hemp and Versatile Tempeh: Two Hot Food Trends?

The highly versatile soybean (the cornerstone of tempeh) and the nutty (and yes, legal) hemp are two current food trends that are turning heads due to their amazing health benefits.

Local Vs. Organic

There is an ongoing debate out there as to which is better practice, for both our own health and the environment, to eat locally or organically?

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