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Lindsay Evans blogs about food, entertaining and her favourite recipes for Green Living.

What Happens When Stout Meets Stilton?

Create the perfect match with these five uniquely Canadian beer and cheese pairings.

The low down on Fair Trade

In my line of work, and in the subjects that I research, I tend to come across, and get asked a great deal of questions about, the issue of Fair Trade and what it means to us in Canada.

Going green in your kitchen clean up

While kitchens are used for a great deal of cooking, this subsequently leaves a great deal of clean up.

Cheaper cuts of beef: 101

Nowadays it is becoming trendier and trendier to choose lesser known and cheaper cuts of beef, like flank, skirt and top sirloin, in place of the more well know, (and more expensive) classics l

Fabulous Local Farmers Market Finds

By Lindsay Evans

Grilling Steaks 101

Steaks are one of my all time favourite things to grill. These days, with so many butchers who specialize in local, free range and/or organic meats, we are spoiled for choice.

Toronto Life Food and Drink Picks

Well, Toronto Life has done it again.

Summers Freshest Produce

Nothings celebrates summer like just-picked crunchy and vibrant fruits and veggies. Keep the following on hand and you will never find yourself short of a perfect summer-time meal.

Summers Freshest Produce: Part 2

Earlier this week I gave you a list of summers best fruit. Today, I wanted to give you a list of summers crispest and freshest veggies...

Summers Crispest Veggies:

Home Made Ice Cream

What could be better during the hot summer months than cool, creamy and delicious ice cream.

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