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Summer is not quite over and there is still time to enjoy the nice weather and throw a last minute bbq! But how do you make your party green? Follow the tips below and you will be well on your way to throwing an eco-friendly party!


Buy Organic or Local Food

When deciding what kind of menu to serve at your green soiree, opt for organic and/or local food, whenever possible. With so many farmers markets available now it has never been easier to shop locally. Also, most grocery stores now have an excellent line-up of organic food available so take stock and choose wisely. 

What about the extras?

Nowadays, pretty much everything comes organic or naturally made - when choosing your condiments, choose organic mustard, ketchup, pickles, buns and more.

Go Organic or Local with Meat

Organic and Local butchers are all the rage now and it is easy and affordable now to select cuts of beef or hamburgers made from sustainable meat. 

Pick Sustainable Fish

If you’re serving fish, do your research and try to choose sustainable fish. David Suzuki has some great information here that can be a useful resource if in doubt. 

Make or Choose Organic Desserts

If your making your own dessert, do your best to use local or organic eggs, flours, butters, milk etc. They are all now readily available at grocery stores and heath food stores. Made the decision to have someone else bake for you? Choose from a large assortment of organic bakeries that use natural and organic ingredients.

Try Local Wines and Brews

Canada has been experiencing a surge in the amount of local wineries and breweries, right across the country, so there is no reason to not try some of these exciting products! Choose local wines (preferably from organically grown grapes) and beers, and give the kids some organic juice or lemonade. Check out some of my great Canadian beer and cheese pairing here! 

Other Tips!

Greening Your Cleanup

When it is time for clean-up, using environmentally friendly cleaners is the best way to keep things green. Also, opt for re-useable microfiber dish towels in place of paper towels and you will drastically cut down on the amount of waste you produce. Check out my favourite line of eco-friendly products Method.

Use Re-useable Plates, Cups and Cutlery

Although you might want to reduce the amount of time that you will be doing dishes, it is still better to use re-useable plates, cutlery and glasses than use disposable ones. There are also now many new lines of environmentally friendly bamboo products that are great alternatives. Check out some of our green kitchen tools here.