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The Sustainable Kitchen, Passionate Cooking Inspired by Farms, Forests and Oceans is an inspired cookbook written by chefs, Stu Stein, Mary Hinds along with food writer Judith H. Dern. This exciting new book challenges us to strive to become responsible, seasonal-focused and eco-conscious eaters and cooks. It is dedicated to inspiring readers to make food choices that are in line with and promote the environmental, economic and social wellbeing of our communities.

The recipes showcase a passion for culinary arts as well as an excitement for seasonal and regional fare, which the chefs obtain from local farmers and purveyors of fresh foods and produce. The book offers a full range of recipes plus additional sections, which cover food and wine pairing tips, basic culinary tips for the home chef, preserving the harvest and “Notes to the Cook”.

And all recipes are merely their as a guideline as they inspire you to create your own versions from home.

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