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It was around this time last year that The DeLish Bite was created and I started writing for Green Living. One of my very first posts was about small space grilling. As this topic is as relevant now as it was last year, I have re-posted it here for you. Summer is here once again (and especially with this heat wave we are currently in) those of us with any green space in this large urban jungle are eager to fire up our barbeques and get grilling. And why not? Grilling really is the perfect way to create healthy and flavor-packed meals and nothing says summer like barbequing in the great outdoors. If you can bbq the traditional way, then you want to clean up your act as much as possible. Find out more about green grilling in our articles Don't let your BBQ heat up the planet and The green way to BBQ. Unfortunately, for some of us urbanites there are just too many restrictions around grilling. Small spaces, by-laws in condo buildings and the ongoing debate over whether barbeques are bad for the environment (does all the smoke contribute to green house gases), prevent many of us from enjoying this summer staple. What can we do? There are a couple of reasonable options if we are willing to stray from the 'real deal'. Solar grills are becoming new alternatives. They will take some getting used to and (and some still have bugs to iron out) but solar grills are inexpensive and put to rest all the discussions around using fossil fuels. How wrong can you go using the power of the sun to grill? Indoor electric grills are another option. It's true they don't have the same romance but the great news is that you can use it outside for some kind of cooking action on the balcony. The bad news is that it won't provide you with that bbq-style, smoke-filled outdoor experience that we all know and love. But you still get the convenience of grilling including the speed and all those great recipes to choose from and having friends over to crack a few beers on the patio! Grilling in small spaces might be tricky, but, lucky for us city dwellers, it is far from impossible.