The DeLish Bite

Lindsay Evans blogs about food, entertaining and her favourite recipes for Green Living.

Aside from the first three months (where I experienced a hell of a lot of morning sickness, which improved after 12 weeks but lingered until I was 16 weeks), I have loved being pregnant. I am now almost 21 weeks and am feeling 100% back to my normal self with lots of energy. Morning sickness aside, I have done my absolute best to be as healthy as possible which I do believe has contributed to my feeling great and gaining the appropriate amount of weight thus far. What am I doing? Well, I have maintained a good exercise routine, which includes walking at least a few times a week, prenatal yoga (which I just do from home, instructed by my sis who has years of yoga experience) and a couple of weight training workouts a week (although I did tone things down quite a bit in the first trimester due to fatigue and morning sickness). I am also eating really well which I truly believe has contributed to my feeling so good. The trick? Lots of fresh, healthy and unprocessed foods. Not that I dont treat myself once and a while. I do. I admit to enjoying the occasional Ed's choco peanut better fudge ice cream (thank you Ed for moving to Leslieville!) and my sweet tooth for jube jubes and licorice still persists, to an even greater extent. But, as anyone who knows me can attest, I have never been one for extremes. Instead I prefer living my life with balance and moderation in mind. Anyone who has been pregnant can attest that prenatal nutrition can be downright overwhelming. There are so many books telling you what you can and cannot eat, I have to admit to being quite confused and even a bit scared for the first while, believing that I would of course eat something wrong and harm the baby. The best advice I can give? Ignore alot of the rumors and get sound advice from your OB, midwife or doula. Then decide to eat the best food you can afford. By this I do not mean going to fancy restaurants for each and every meal, but choosing to purchase local, organic and seasonal fruits, veggies, meat, dairy products and other REAL FOODS as much as possible. There will always be room for treats, what counts is what you eat the majority of the time. Stay tuned early next week for a sample Real Food Pregnancy Diet as well as tips and tricks to eat green. Photo courtesy of google images.