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As of June 30, 2009, Canada revised its regulations around organic products which will make it easier for consumers of organic products to make confident and informed choices. 

The new Canada's Organic Products Regulations (OPR), set out rigorous standards for the certification of products as organic by accredited certification bodies. Products that meet the production requirements and contain at least 95 per cent organic content may be labelled as "organic" and feature the new Biologique Canada Organic Logo

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency outlines all of the details relevant to this new regulation. One of the objectives of these proposed Regulations is to ensure that the organic integrity of a product is not compromised at any stage of preparation.

The New Logo will be present on all products which meet the criteria and will therefore be the tool that consumers can use to make informed choices about organic products. These new regulations apply to domestic and imported products. Regardless of origin, all products seeking organic certification must meet Canada's standards. 

I believe this is a great step forward for both organic farmers and producers of organic food as well as its consumers. A lot of the ambiguity will be eliminated and it will now be crystal clear what we are purchasing when we choose to purchase organic.