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In lieu of our recent garbage strike, I (as I am sure most Toronto residents) have garbage reduction on the brain. One recent statistic had my head reeling: the waste from kids' lunches accounts for an enormous amount of garbage each and every year, up to 3.5 billion pounds. Soon to be a new and first time mom, I decided to research options a little bit further. We all know that reducing the volume of products our families use on a daily basis is imperative to reverse, or at least reduce, the impact our waste is having on the environment. Enter Kids Konserve, an eco-friendly company created by Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton. With small kids at home and the ability to see the amount of garbage school lunches produced, they set out to create a company which aims to reduce this preventable waste build-up. One of my favourite products of theirs is a Signature Reusable Waste-Free Lunch Kit (mimicking the brown bag) that includes a mod-patterned cotton sack, two food-grade, non-leaching stainless steel food containers, a stainless steel beverage bottle, food cozy (a green version of the plastic baggie,) one cloth napkin and a recycled aluminum name tag. Their products essentially help you pack a perfect waste-free lunch for your kids! To learn more about Kids Konserve, where you can find their products in Toronto, and what other green products they offer, visit their website at