The DeLish Bite

Lindsay Evans blogs about food, entertaining and her favourite recipes for Green Living.

My husband, Simon, and I are going to have our first baby this coming fall (we are very excited!). This new experience has brought an even greater meaning to the idea of green and healthy living for us. Suddenly, it is no longer what my actions do to my own body that counts...there is a new little life growing that’s being affected by every choice that I make. That’s huge! We intend to bring our baby into this world with a green focused attitude. And, as this is very new to us both, we certainly have our work cut out for us over the next few months! We need to read, learn and research as much as we can about how to green our pregnancy and our baby. From eating organic and healthy throughout pregnancy, to organic and make-your-own baby food options, nursery furniture, the diaper debate, organic baby clothing and sustainable and green toys, there is just so much to learn! Luckily for us, there are so many resources now available to us from greening your baby books to websites and blogs dedicated to raising your baby green. For the next few months, I hope to bring you along on this journey with us, while I provide up-to-date entries on what I am learning and doing to make a green difference in the life of our growing baby. If you are pregnant, a new mom or a seasoned mother, I would love your advice, input and experience so please feel free to write me anytime. Looking forward to hearing from you!