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Lindsay Evans blogs about food, entertaining and her favourite recipes for Green Living.

When life is hectic and there seems to be so much going on in the world around us, sometimes it can be downright difficult to commit yourself to doing something as seemingly simple, as eating sustainably. Enter The Gorgeously Green Pledge, from the fabulous Sophie Uliano who brings us Gorgeously Green, a website dedicated to living a greener life. This pledge suggests that 'making a commitment, finding a buddy and having fun' are essential to maintaining a green and sustainable diet. Uliano suggests that by making a commitment to 6 steps (which are so easy that just about anyone can do it), you can start to eat more sustainably and subsequently reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment. Take a look and see if you are up for it. I know that I am! Uliano has also published 2 books, Gorgeously Green and The Gorgeously Green Diet. Ladies, there are no more excuses to start living that fabulous and green life.