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Lindsay Evans blogs about food, entertaining and her favourite recipes for Green Living.

While I posted an article recently about my favorite food blogs, I must admit that I forgot to mention one Canadian Food blog that is very worthy of a mention. Our very own Anita Stewart, has created a personal blog, Anita Stewart's Canada which is not to be missed. For over three decades Stewart has been exploring, experiencing and tasting her way across Canada and this blog provides readers with a first hand seat alongside her. In her delicious cookbook, Flavours of Canada (which has won 2 Cuisine Canada awards), Anita Stewart takes readers on a full-flavored pan-Canadian culinary journey. There are over 150 tantalizing and beautifully photographed recipes that use local, seasonal ingredients and showcase the best of the country’s regional cooking. Stewart explores Canada’s five major gastronomic regions, and provides recipes and vignettes from each. If you are a lover of our beautiful Canadian heritage and food, this is not a book to be missed.