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We no longer need to feel as guilty about drinking bottled or carbonated water. While I was having a sandwich with my sister yesterday at Holts Gourmet (where by the way you can get the BEST gourmet takeaway sandwiches, soups, salads and baked goodies), a lady approached us and offered us a free bottle of Eska Water along with an informational sheet about what she was offering us.  At first glance, this water looked different from the plastic varieties that we are all used to. Made of aluminum rather than plastic, the sleek midnight blue (carbonated) and silver (still) bottles will appeal not only to the environmentally conscious, but to trendy fashionistas too. In addition, this product is 100% Canadian, sourced straight from a glacially formed aquifer hidden in virgin forest in a remote corner of Quebec. For more information on why we should reduce plastic bottles, see Shelagh McNally's article Get Rid of Plastic Water Bottles Learn more about Eska Water at their website

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