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At this year's Green Living Show, I was truly fascinated by the number of innovative green products and the affordability of choosing products with less impact on the environment. From hybrid electric bikes, furniture made from recycled cardboard and trendy bamboo clothing, there was something to offer for everyone.

But what I loved most about the show was of course the FOOD. Delicious, organic, sustainable and local food was everywhere.

The Farm Fresh Fare presented by Toyota Canada Inc. was always packed. Local farmers and producers were paired with Toronto chefs and supplied beautiful, tasty and unique food dishes. Besides enjoying the delicious food, funds generated supported food garden programs at schools across the Greater Toronto Area that give students direct access to nature on their school grounds.

BioVino was Canada’s first annual biodynamic, organic and sustainable wine exposition. Both International and Canadian wines were featured and it was a big hit among attendees. Frog Pond Farm, Stratus Vineyards and Southbrook Vineyards were among the Ontario wineries that were featured.  And if wine wasn't your thing, Steam Whistle Brewing and Nickel Brook Beer were serving delicious beer too!

Among the other hundreds of food vendors, the options seemed endless. Obviously, food is an integral part of our life. But it's also an area where we need to make more sustainable and healthier choices.

Did you know that livestock production is more responsible for climate change than all the world's transportation? Or that buying local and organic food is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental footprint?

Attending the Green Living Show gave me a new perspective on the way I eat. It's one of the areas I struggle most to decrease my environmental impact.

The information I received and the products I purchased from the Green Living Show is helping me plan a healthier and lower impact food lifestyle.

I plan to eat less meat and more local and organic foods. I also plan to reduce my food packaging waste. I'm bringing my new reusable produce bags when I shop and using my new eco-containers instead of plastic bags and wrap.

What did you think of the Green Living Show? Are you trying out something new because of information you received?