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As a leader in sustainability, Nokia was eager to partner with the film Wild Ocean. I had the chance to attend an Environmental Business Roundtable Event hosted by Nokia with a special screening of the film in Toronto this week.

In the roundtable event, several key sustainability business leaders and experts debated various questions related to sustainability and business. The panel consisted of David Conrad, Head of Sustainability - Markets at Nokia NAM, Dr. Irene Henriques, Professor of Sustainability and Economics at Schulich School of Business, Merril Mascarenhas, Managing Partner at Arcus Group and Nelson Switzer, Senior Strategic Sustainability Advisor, Direct Energy. 

There was a lot of interesting discussions. Some of the key take-away messages were:

  • Companies can benefit from from implementing sustainability practices. Benefits can be monetary, such as implementing waste reduction and eco-efficiency measures will lead to reducing operational costs. Benefits can also be intangible, such as increasing a company's reputation and improved stakeholder, employee and consumer relations.
  • A large proportion (97%!) of companies unfortunately engage in greenwashing. Customers also feel unequipped in making green choices. There needs to be more standardization and third-party regulation from trusted sources, such as well-established Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Sustainability in business and sustainability in the environment are not mutually exclusive. Companies need to make informed decisions in order to be simultaneously successful in both realms.

As part of Nokia's "Power of We" campaign, Wild Ocean was a great fit. And as we approach the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, it's an opportunity to remind us that every small step we take for the environment matters. If you haven't felt inspired lately, take the time to watch the documentary Wild Ocean.

Recognized by film critics globally, it also holds numerous distinctions including the 2009 Earthwatch Film of the Year Award and is nominated for seven Giant Screen Cinema Association awards.

As one of nature's greatest migration events, the film highlights the annual sardine migration along the Wild Coast of South Africa. Global warming trends and overfishing have threatened the very existence of this marine ecosystem. It is a moving success story of the importance of implementing marine protection reserves and managing our marine resources sustainably.

If you're a documentary lover like I am, I usually have been left feeling outraged or upset about the actions or knowledge I had just seen. Don't worry, Wild Ocean is not that kind of documentary. However, I do think the the film leaves you wanting more especially for a specific call to action. Overall, it is a positive story that leaves you feeling good. It serves as a great reminder of the power that people have to make a positive difference in their community.

I would highly recommend watching it in 3D and high definition if possible. Seeing it in low quality doesn't serve the film justice.

The film is available on DVD and is playing in IMAX® theaters around the world. Please see the film's website for more information: