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This Sunday is a day dedicated to show your mom how much you love her and appreciate everything she does for you. So why not do the same for Mother Nature?

You can choose a gift for your mom that also keeps Mother Nature in mind.

Here are some suggestions for some green gift ideas:

If you are going the flower route, why not give organic and fair-trade flowers? Check out Ecostems, one of this year's Green Living Show vendors.

Does your mom love jewelery? Be on the lookout for recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds. Check out the these wonderful pieces from Christine Mighion Jewelery.

If jewelry is too pricey, why not give mom a rest and treat her by cooking a delicious meal? Use local ingredients from your nearby Farmer's Market.

Or let mom relax with a bath and beauty gift set. Have you heard about bodyFood

Cards can be an afterthought, but are always a nice touch. E-cards or plantable seed cards can make this Mother's Day even more special.

Whatever gift you choose, think about both of your mothers this Mother's Day.