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Trees play a key role in our ecosystems and contribute vital services including clean air, food, fuel, drinkable water and a stable climate. Planting indigenous trees and ones that are appropriate to the local environment are vital to increase global biodiversity.

So how can people, communities, businesses and governments help plant trees to increase these wonderful benefits?

The Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign
is a worldwide tree planting initiative brought together by the United Nations Environmental Programme.

As one of the many partners of the program, Yves Rocher has contributed to this initiative for over three years. During this time, it has already planted over 9 million trees. However, it has set its goal even higher over the next few years. By 2014, it plans to have 50 million trees planted.

How can you help Yves Rocher meet this goal?  Many products within its organic skin care line will plant a tree to this initiative upon purchase. Look for the "I Love My Planet" logo (as seen here).

Don't live nearby a Yves Rocher's store? You can also head to the website to order these qualifying products online.

For more information on Yves Rocher's sustainability initiatives, please visit: