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If you're visiting San Diego and have a sweet tooth, make sure you check out the organic cupcake bakery and lounge: Cups La Jolla

Cups features over 40 delicious cupcakes with flavours such as death by chocolate, vanilla vixen and caramel macchiato. It also has a great selection of vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free cupcakes to enjoy. Most importantly, it is committed to making all of its products with the highest quality, local, sustainable and organic ingredients.

Owner and founder of Cups, Michele Ciccarelli, chose to pursue her long-time passion for cooking and baking in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

"Eating foods grown or harvested organically isn’t just better for you – because it has no added pesticides and hormones, for example – but also better for all of us in that toxic chemicals aren’t released in their making." says Ciccarelli. "Along the same line, we also pride ourselves on buying locally, in order to support our farmers, our community and the earth."

Cups has been recently recognized as the first-ever three Star Certified Green Restaurant® in San Diego. It is also the first bakery in California to earn the three Star Certification title for its use of environmentally sustainable products and resources by the National Green Restaurant Association.

To achieve this certification, Cups implemented the following initiatives:

  • Offering cups and utensils made from compostable corn-based material
  • Installing energy efficient lighting and kitchen equipment
  • Using chairs made from renewable monkeypod Acacia trees
  • Installing countertops made from recycled glass
  • Using non-toxic cleaning products
  • Enforcing uniforms made from organic materials
  • Having a full-scale recycling program
  • Use of low-flow, water reducing fixtures

Congratulations on this recognition!

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