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The Green Living Show breaks records!

We have been receiving lots of letters form our you, our readers, asking about The Green Living Show.

The Green Profile

Starting in the month of May, Green Living is introducing The Green Profile.

Letter to the Editors: advice on eco friendly boiler and water heater

I have been researching how to replace my old boiler and water heater....I'm not ready to go geo-thermal or solar, but I want something compact and eco-friendly.  I've heard about a combination system called the Baxi.  Its a combo of water heater (tankless) and boiler.

Letter to The Editors

Hi There,
This is just a general comment - I subscribed to your newsletter while I was still living in Toronto, but now that I live at the other end of the country I see how Toronto-centric your editorial is. It's all about green events in Toronto, green issues in Ontario, green merchants in Toronto, contests for those visiting the events in Toronto....

Meet the 2010 Winners of the Green Toronto Awards

The Editors of Green Living, would like to offer their congratulations to the winners of The Green Toronto Awards.

Winners of our BioVino Ticket Giveaway!

As a special contest for our newsletter subscribers, we hosted a giveaway (where you only had 24 hours to enter), for 2 pairs of tickets to our BioVino event & our Farm Fresh Fare event taking place at our Green Living Show.

Be in the know for the Green Living Show

Be in the know....

With the annual Green Living Show a heartbeat away, we wanted to be able to share all the “Insider Info” with you.

Your favorite local green space

We put a call out for photos! Check out your submissions!

Click Here.

Home Sweet LEED Home

As we look to reduce our carbon footprint many of us turn to our home.

Durable Eco-Toys for your Toddler

As the mom of a toddler, I am now reaching the stage where my kid  learns what something is by putting it in her mouth.

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