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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

In a world where we are asked to make at least a thousand decisions each day, what moves you? What speaks to you and inspires you to take action? Is it impulse or emotion; personal preference or another person’s experience that motivates your choices?

Here at Green Living Online we know that different things are important to different people. Whether you are new to living a green lifestyle, or a committed and seasoned green lifestyle advocate wanting to learn more, we want to make Green Living your go to site. The place to find out what’s new or cutting edge, what’s happening and where to find it. Everything in one place. Simple.

So, we’re expanding over the next few months and we invite you to watch us grow as we share our new vision with you. We understand that ideas and information are only the beginning of the equation, so we’re bringing you our Green Living Marketplace which brings you sources where you can access the services and products you’re looking for.

You’re invited to become part of the growing community of conscious consumers who are using their voices to say YES to Green Living. This movement is gaining momentum and each of your contributions are an important part to this. We want to create an open dialogue with you, and invite you and your friends to tell us what you are looking for. Tell us what matters to you and how Green Living can make your life easier. Tell us the issues and ideas that will help us continue to bring you relevant content plus doable solutions. We are excited to hear from you!!

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