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In our past issues about an eco wedding, we wrote about the eco-friendliness of letterpress printing for your invitations. Well, in response to this article, one of our readers — Nina in Chicago, who runs a letterpress print shop — wrote to us to share a little secret.

Nina told us that when her clients request an order, she presents them with 100% eco-friendly paper that she makes herself! What’s the big secret about that? She makes it out of those junk-mail flyers that land in your mailbox, newspaper or on your doorstep.

She takes trash and turns it into a beautiful paper that can be used for the most elegant event or even stationary.

After sharing her secret, Nina agreed to share her papermaking process with us so we could share it with you! So take a look at her fun four-minute video on how to make your own paper!

Go ahead, embrace your inner Martha Stewart!