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We're feeling exuberant today! Why, you ask? The Ontario legislature passed the Green Energy Act yesterday.

Over at Cleanbreak.ca, Tyler Hamilton, a Green Living Network blogger, writes, "This, with no exaggeration, is an historic event in North America."

According to Hamilton, the Act is receiving kudos from some of the world's environmental heavyweights, including British economist Sir Nicholas Stern and German legislator Hermann Scheer (know as the "Al Gore of Europe").

Also, don't miss the photo Hamilton has posted (courtesy of the University of Guelph student newspaper). You may never see Dalton McGuinty portrayed like this again.

For a less rosy point of view, see Now magazine's editorial in which Peter Tabuns, former executive director of Greenpeace Canada, discusses the bill's shortcomings. Tabuns is now the energy and environment critic for the Ontario NDP.