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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

A weekly compilation of the highs, lows and not-to-be-missed happenings in the sustainability movement.—written by Lyndsie Bourgon

1.    A new map shows what could happen if the global temperature rises by four degrees Celsius. The map, created with data from various scientific groups, shows how drought, temperature and agricultural productivity will all be affected. Canadians should be worried. (BBC)

2.    More bad news... A new report says that for Canada to reach its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions goal, some massive restructuring will have to happen. The TD Bank study says that provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan will have to limit their growth through oil production in order to cap emissions. (Globe and Mail)

3.    Parking garages are often seen as a symbol of excess and environmental ruin. But four garages around the world have been turned into sustainable centres. Find out how: (Fast Company)

4.    America’s Southwest Airlines has announced plans for a new “green plane.” The company is touting it as eco-friendly because it makes use of sustainable products and will reduce waste. Seat covers and life vests are also lighter— leading to less fuel use. Anyone else wonder if this is a case of treating the symptoms instead of the illness? (Southwest)

5.    After thousands of protesters hit Parliament Hill on the weekend as part of the 350 International Day of Climate Change, about 200 activists also disrupted Question Period on Monday. The protesters chanted slogans from the public gallery in support of climate change Bill C-311. (This Magazine and CBCNews.ca)

6.    On a lighter note, Halloween’s just around the corner, so celebrate by creeping out your friends with some scary inventions! This slide show of strange and gross phenomena is designed to freak you out: (Treehugger)

photo credit: flickr/350Aotearoa