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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

A weekly compilation of the highs, lows and not-to-be-missed happenings in the sustainability movement. —written by Lyndsie Bourgon

1.    Those who live in flood-zones will be happy to hear that movie star/activist Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation has developed a home that floats in the event of a flood. (Source: Fast Company)

2.    The recession might be a good thing for the environment – the International Energy Agency predicts the economic slump has helped slow the rise of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: New York Times)

3.    Vancouver is set to become home to the world’s first Nissan LEAF electric cars. The 2011 launch is part of the city’s goal to become the "greenest city in the world."  (Source: Treehugger)

4.    Sending packages through UPS just became a little bit more eco-friendly. The company is offering customers the option to pay to offset carbon emissions produced by shipping. (Source: BizJournal)

5.    There’s one more reason to push for sustainability at work: research has found that workers are more productive when working in "green buildings." (Source: GreenBiz)

6.    Nine Greenpeace protesters were arrested after they chained themselves to smokestacks at an Alberta oilsands project. (Source: The Globe and Mail)

Image: Nissan Leaf (nissan-global.com)