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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

At Green Living, us Editors are always looking for great deals when it comes to shopping, so we are excited that Green Zebra is coming out with their 2011 edition. Oh, what is Green Zebra?

Green Zebra is a sustainability-themed coupon book, offers exclusive savings on a vast range of products and services.  The book’s broad distribution generates awareness and sales for well-known champions of sustainability like Mountain Equipment Co-op and MarketPlace IGA, as well as newer or smaller businesses that rely on Green Zebra as their primary source of advertising. BC-based social enterprise TB Vets Charitable Foundation is the publisher of Green Zebra guide, which features businesses from the Vancouver area.

“Green Zebra is our most reliable and redeemed promotional option,” says Doug Smith of Commercial Drive’s East End Food Co-op.  “We can always count on a huge return—and loyal new shoppers.”

One of the new privileges for 2011 participants is Green Zebra’s partnership with Clip Mobile, bringing savings to consumers through a popular iPhone app dedicated entirely to coupons.

“Making Green Zebra coupons available on an app like this is one of the ways we’re helping take ‘green’ mainstream,” explains Rebecca Fry, Business Development Manager for Green Zebra at TB Vets.  “Clip Mobile also features coupons from other businesses outside the Green Zebra network, so the app appeals to consumers whether or not they’re thinking green already.  Our sustainable businesses will have their offers displayed alongside their competitors, building consumer awareness of the businesses that are doing their part for our community.”

2011 Green Zebra guide prints over the summer for release in September, enabling schools to take advantage of Green Zebra’s fundraising program, while Green Zebra businesses benefit from sales leading up to the holiday season.