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If you are lacking the motivation you need to attain your green goals this week, check out the inspiring story of a group of activists accused of causing £30,000 of criminal damage to the Kingsnorth coalplant last year. In an unparalleled sentence favouring the environment, were deemed not guilty when jurors accepted their defence. 

The group got support for the fact that they were acting to safeguard property around the world "in immediate need of protection" from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal. Inspired by their story, UK film director Nick Broomfield released a short documentary celebrating the historic event and bravery of these people. The film tells the story through montages of and interviews with the activists who scaled the steep 220m chimney at a coal fired power station to paint a banner along its side.

Following the event was a major court case about the legality of this type of action. After hearing all of the evidence, the jurors supported the right to take direct action to protect the climate from the burning of coal and the group was judged ‘not guilty’. The New York Times listed the defence as one of the ideas that defined 2008.

To check out A Time Comes, go to the Greenpeace website where the film is available for streaming or download. You can also order a DVD copy of Bright Green Picture’s film. Tell us what you think!

-Katie Edmonds, Editorial Intern