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Did Toronto do enough to take advantage of the opportunities created by the city workers' strike to activate greater environmental consciousness? For five weeks Torontonians couldn’t simply toss away their trash; it was up to each citizen to find ways to keep household waste to a minimum, or be at the mercy of the raccoons and flies. Environmental groups have already been criticized that we may have missed the chance to use a crisis to redefine and rethink the waste and diversion strategy for the city. The Star observed that there were no “backyard compost blitzes; no anti-packaging campaigns at big-box stores; no reusable mug sales beside the overflowing garbage cans outside Tim Hortons.”

What’s your verdict? Is it too late or did the strike succeed in reminding us that landfills are merely relocation centres for all our unwanted or unclean things? We'd love to hear about the communities that have unique solutions to minimizing waste and diverting trash from landfill.

- Amanda Rappak