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The G20 Summit has brought about some interesting stories over the last few days, few having to do with what went on and most having to do with the protesting.

However we did enjoy some of the art installations that took place prior to all the chaos and wanted to make sure these did not get lost in the conversations happening about the summit. The Ice Bear was a particular favourite of ours.

Sculpted from a 10 tonne block of ice covering a 500 kg bronze skeleton, the Ice Bear was intended to raise public awareness about the need for political leadership on climate change at the G8/G20 summits. The Ice Bear’s appearance was made possible by the organizations WWF-Canada, Équiterre, and Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec.

The public was invited to touch the Ice Bear, a powerful symbol of how all humans have the ability to affect our delicate environment. Over the summer weekend, the Ice Bear melted to reveal its bronze skeleton.

We liked the simple symbolism and thought it an interesting way to get a message across.