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Big Think Releases LIFE IN 2050 For Smithsonian's 40th Anniversary

Here at Green Living we found this series of short films a great eye opener and got us thinking about Life in 2050. We wanted to share this with you, so for the next work week starting July 6th we are going to bring you 7 of the 10 episodes, (1 a day) which, we found related to "green" and hope it gets you thinking.

Here is Part 4: Battling the Spread of AIDS

The HIV/AIDS epidemic will still be with us in 40 years. But we will know a lot more about the virus than we do today—and therapy will be much more effective.

Part 1: Faster, More Urban, More Diverse

Part 2: Discreet Technology Transforms Cities

Part 3: Using Knowledge to Save Our Seas