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I have been researching how to replace my old boiler and water heater....I'm not ready to go geo-thermal or solar, but I want something compact and eco-friendly.  I've heard about a combination system called the Baxi.  Its a combo of water heater (tankless) and boiler.
Have you any suggestions or comments re this system, or any other?
Green home-owner,

Hi Valerie,

Congratulations on taking a big step in greening your home. When it comes to boilers and water heaters, they are responsible for using over 25% of the energy you purchase each month. Heating up water and storing it  (to keep it hot) is a huge hog of energy and most water heaters are only on average 65% energy efficient, many are less than 45% efficient. So making this change will be a positive effect on the environment and your bank account.

The first thing you want to look for in a water heater and boiler system is that it is Energy Star certified. Then look into how energy efficient the unit can be, making sure it is over 65% which is likely what your current boiler is.

Next look into an on-demand hot water system. These can be up to 94% energy efficient and providing hot water on demand can cut your fuel use by 50%.

Boilers are also known for emitting Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide, I believe the Baxi Luna model can cut these emissions between 80 - 90%.

Along with a Baxi system you may wish to check out a Navien system as a comparison.

Good luck!

Green Living Editors.