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Hi There,
This is just a general comment - I subscribed to your newsletter while I was still living in Toronto, but now that I live at the other end of the country I see how Toronto-centric your editorial is. It's all about green events in Toronto, green issues in Ontario, green merchants in Toronto, contests for those visiting the events in Toronto....

I thought this was a newsletter with a country-wide audience... As a non-Toronto resident, I feel totally disengaged. The only thing that's relevant to me on your site is the local city guide which is quite 'malnourished' in my opinion. In any case, if most of your readership is in To., then rename your newsletter GreenLivingTo and let the rest of us look for local green information somewhere else.


Dear N,

The Editorial Team would like to apologize to you and others who share your view, as we by no means want you to feel disengaged when reading our newsletter. In fact, we hope our articles, slideshows and blogs, inspire you and answer some of the questions you may have when it comes to being green.

Regarding our editorial content being Toronto focused, we admit that, as we call Toronto home and most recently this combined with our recent Green Living Show (which takes place in Toronto), we have may have come across as only being a Toronto publication.

I assure you this is not the case. While we call Toronto home, we like to cover stories, happenings and questions not just in Canada but in North America as a whole. I invite you to please give us another chance, especially with our newsletter coming out this Thursday, all about inspiring people. It will include stories from across Canada, the US and even from Europe that I hope you will find engaging.

While we have writers and editors who are moving all over the world, we always encourage our readers to send us photos, thoughts and questions to keep us in the know. We are always open to your suggestions as, ultimately we are here for you.

Chat soon.
The Editors.

If you have questions, comments or thoughts for us, please feel free to share them with us: editor@green-living.ca