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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

Starting in the month of May, Green Living is introducing The Green Profile.

The Green Profile will celebrate individuals who are making a difference and inspiring others when it comes to being green. Whether at home, in the community, at school or work, we are looking for people who are making an environmental difference.

Nominate someone or nominate yourself by sending an email to: editor@green-living.ca

Include & Answer the following:

  • Photo & Photo Credit
  • Name
  • Where you/they are from (including: town/city, state/province, country)
  • What inspired you/them to be green?
  • Who is your/their green mentor?
  • What is your/their biggest green accomplishment?
  • What are your/their green goals for 2010?
  • What projects are you/they currently working on to better the environment?
  • What do you/they want to inspire in others when it comes to the environment?

Each week The Editors will judge the submissions and vote on who will be in The Green Profile for the week. The selected person will be featured in our weekly newsletter, which goes out each Thursday - so make sure you sign up!