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A weekly compilation of the highs, lows and not-to-be-missed happenings in the sustainability movement.—written by Lyndsie Bourgon

Electric isn’t only an option for cars
This December Copenhagen host the first zero-emission electric motorcycle motocross race known as the International Eco Enduro. (Source: Canadian Geographic)  Read more >>

Vampires abound
Your sleek, new flat-screen TV might be great to watch, but it’s a huge energy sap. California’s ‘green police’, who have previously called for energy regulations for light bulbs and cars, are calling on TV manufacturers to make TV’s that consume less energy. (Source: Toronto Star) Read more>>

Tasty rooms
The same technology that brought us veggie-growing rooftop gardens is also set to bring greenery to our walls. ‘Edible walls’ will allow us to grow fruits and vegetables vertically – saving space while cutting heating and electricity costs (Source: New York Times). Read more>>

Climate change be damned
A Calgary-based ad firm has created ads for non-profit Friends of Science that unfortunately mock global warming. The ads claim that the earth has cooled down during the past 10 years. (Source: Globe and Mail) Read more>>

Losing the war on hunger
Food security continues to be a huge problem around the world. But now the USDA is reports that food insecurity is at its highest rate since 1995. (Source: Fast Company) Read more>>

Offsets don't feel good
When we book plane tickets we’re given the option to purchase carbon-offsets that counter the environmental damage planes make. But one of the biggest providers of offsets, Responsible Travel, has recently canceled their programme saying the good-feeling was fine for travelers but didn’t help the environment. (Source: New York Times) Read more>> 

Image courtesy flickr/Geraint Warlow