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We have been receiving lots of letters form our you, our readers, asking about The Green Living Show. More specifically you wanted to know the results of some of the events going on at the show, like the e-waste collection, which was brought to us by Samsung.

Well we are pleased to announce how successful our e-waste collection was (remember we offered free admission to you if you brought e-waste to be recycled). So how much did we collect? With a goal of 20,000 pounds we exceeded even our wildest dreams!

A record breaking 31,8000 pounds of e-waste was collected by visitors who came to the Green Living Show, April 23 - 25. The is more than GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing) has ever seen in a collection - we set the record. GEEP are the guys that are actually going to perform the recycling.

Thank-you to all of you who came to the show making this possible. You arrived armed with old cell phones, digital cameras, computer monitors even laptops ready for recycling. I think we even saw some cell phones from the early 80s that came with their own blue eye shadow and teased hair.

‘Show visitors truly embraced the new e-waste admission initiative, generously offered by Samsung, resulting in a record breaking electronic product recycling campaign. The strong show attendance further reiterates that consumers continue to desire and demand access to sustainable products, services and ideas, empowering them to live greener, cleaner lives,” explains Laurie Simmonds, President and CEO of Green Living.

Maybe it was the promise of free admission with bringing a piece of e-waste or that Mother Nature is just on our minds, but we saw 20% more of you this year than last year.

Oh and who won some of our BIG prizes? Well for the Trees Ontario Giveaway we at Green Living say Congratulations to:

Natalie Doerr from Guelph who won the trip to the Andes & Amazon

David Alles from Toronto who won the Fall Foliage Tour

Leigh Davidson from Toronto who won the ZipCar package

Stay tuned for who wins the PC $5,000 grocery give away and other big prize winners!

Can’t wait to see what we can do together next year.