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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

In honour of #EcoMonday, a brand new Twitter meme capturing the dialogue on sustainability as shared through social media tools, we’re launching this editor’s blog. We wanted a place to log our own observations about the changing world of green by highlighting online snapshots of the ways people are making discoveries, choices and changes to live more sustainably every day. As a trend, green is an ever-moving target that can be hard to follow, so there's a need to simplify the messages and promote the ideas and discoveries that will ultimately have the biggest impact.

Our aim is to contribute positively to the online green community and initiate conversations about how people, Canadians in particular, are making their difference, so please, join in. We're big fans of the social media world-be sure you are signed up and following us!

Here’s a roundup of today’s top #ecomonday tweets:

@zedomax2 #EcoMonday - Fun Things You Can do with a Dumpster! http://tinyurl.com/dh6z5k

@theelfinpoet You know Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore, right? Well, These 7 environmentalists you haven't heard of http://bit.ly/1aq3vY #ecomonday

@mvellandi "Green" Is a Mirage: The Scoop on Life Cycle Assessment (Scientific American): http://bit.ly/oEs5H #EcoMonday

@tlw3 Would You Use A “Green Facebook”? #ecomonday http://bit.ly/172Zbb

photo credit istockphoto.com/studioxil