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When we sent our Beauty Issue Newsletter out last week, we received a lot of feedback on the LUSH article and the Dirty Dozen List. Many asked, how could we have placed an article about the 12 hazardous ingredients you find in cosmetics next to an article about LUSH, who many feel is anything but an environmental health company when it comes to their products. 

LUSH is very open about their ingredients, which has brought them criticism and praise. Criticism on what ingredients they are using and praise for putting it out in the open. Armed with knowledge from articles like "The Dirty Dozen" where consumers are able to understand what the ingredients mean are a challenge (and a great challenge) to all cosmetic companies to really think about what they put in their products as the consumer is aware of what is healthy and what is not.

Like all of our articles, we at Green Living, wish to give you information, that will help you navigate all that is "green" in the consumer marketplace. We test and review products and books. We talk to "green" business and interview CEOs of companies so we can dive deeper into their practices so we can bring you information that will help you make informed decisions.

Our goal is Green Education.

So, based on feedback, we decided to ask LUSH to respond to you, our readers, on your concerns about their use of parabens and give them an opportunity to provide you, more information.

So, we asked LUSH - "Why do you use parabens?" here is what they said:

LUSH has been working for years to eliminate preservatives from the majority of its products.  Around 70% of LUSH products are already preservative-free. Preservatives are there to kill organisms and we use parabens only where absolutely necessary, as we consider them to be the safest preservatives with the longest history.  We feel it’s far better to use the parabens, which have a safety record of over 100 years in very small quantities (LUSH products last for only one year rather than the standard three), than other preservatives that may not be so historically safe.
We also believe the only solution to the natural “muddle” is to allow consumers to read about exactly what goes into their products, and then make their own decision based on this information. This is why LUSH has always displayed our ingredients on our products and is working towards a completely transparent website where you can click on any ingredient to read exactly where, how and even by whom it was harvested. Our fragrance formulation, a secret blend of essential oils and safe synthetics, is the only thing that we don’t disclose here at LUSH, as this allows us to protect our creative property from our competitors.

Feel free to send more comments and questions to us at Green Living, we are happy to dive deeper for you.