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Part of my job yesterday was to surf the Web for all the Canadian green blogs out there—and man, are there ever a lot. It's still amazing to me how many people are out there broadcasting their thoughts on everything from environmental transportation, sustainable decorating, food composting, strategies for being “eco chic,” green parenting and organic beauty to their quests to buy nothing for a year. 

One blogger in particular caught my eye—The Environmental Age —in a post about his plans for Earth Day. He wrote that although he wants to save the planet, thinks we should recycle, get active in our communities, buy local, donate to environmental charities and buy reusable bags not plastic water bottles, he doesn’t plan do anything for Earth Day. He went on to write that he believes it's silly to have an Earth Day, when it is not the earth that will ultimately suffer the consequences of our lifestyle but those of us who inhabit it; it's not the planet that is in danger, but the humans and animals that live on it. He also quoted George Carlin who said, “The Earth will shake us off like a case of the fleas when it wants to.”

On my way home last night, as I was thinking about all the opinions I'd read on the blogs that day, this particular entry kept coming back to me. It made me consider the reasons why I think it is important to be environmentally conscious.  Do I worry about the planet itself, or am I worried about me and the generations of human life that will follow me? When I think about wanting to save trees, am I concerned about the trees themselves or the good things that they can do for us as a society? So I want to hear what YOU think. Why do you think it’s important to do the ‘green’ things that you do?

While I'm at it, do you have a favourite Canadian green blog we should be aware of?

-Katie Edmonds, Editorial Intern