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Green Living editors dish on the latest trends and happenings in sustainability.

Top headlines, eco sinners and not-to-be-missed happenings in the sustainability movement this week—written by Lyndsie Bourgon

1.    Wasting Water

Beyond our daily needs for washing, drinking and cooking, we’re using (and wasting) water for so much more. This infographic (though in Italian, still understandable) shows you exactly where that water is going, and it's not where you think. (Source: GOOD) Read more>>

2.  Food Fury

Sadly, water and energy aren’t all we’re wasting. A new study from U.S. researchers has found that wasted food is contributing to climate change through the greenhouse gases that decomposing food releases. (Source: CBCNews.ca) Read more>>

3.   Conservation stories

This feature looks at the relationship between conservation projects in Africa and indigenous peoples that live in protected zones. Historically, designating environmentally protected areas has shoved indigenous people to the edge of the land, but a new project aims to do otherwise. (Source: Mother Jones) Read more>>

4.    Climate Catastrophe

The Lancet medical journal has released a comprehensive look at how climate change affects human health around the world. Their reports have found that malnutrition, death due to severe weather and the spread of disease are all negatively affected by rising temperatures. (The Lancet)  Read more>>

5.    Want Fries with That?

McDonald’s is planning to change the background of its signs in Germany from red to green. The new green signs have already popped up randomly in the UK and France to signal the company making sustainable changes - do you believe them? (Source: Fast Company) Read more>>

Image courtesy Flickr/Leonid Mamchenkov

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